Wonderful Day.

Video made by Jan Kirstein as commentary on the feelings evoked by the Pandemic 2020-2021.

Wonderful Day

Wonderful Day is a video of a personal representation of living through the  2020-21 Pandemic made by Janis Kirstein using images of her mixed media collages.

The split-screen effects with double images are manifestations of the layered realities experienced when we were called upon to decipher the truth from large panoramas projected by social media and news media.

The double images, shifting and moving in place become analogies of the questions of illusions vs. reality.

The entire Pandemic became a challenge to our perceptions of reality, an event that appeared as if used to create a Gaslighting effect on Mass Consciousness that resulted in an inability to believe in our own sanity. So not only were we losing lives around us but were we also losing our sanity?

The myriad countings of the death toll by news reports from the Covid virus brought a questioning of reality that hovered over the numbers as they constantly changed. These numbers appear throughout the video showing the constant shifting of reality.

Reality shifted in such a significant way that was difficult to manage for many, leaving many unable to retain a basic sense of balance and stability.  Yet throughout the video a continuum of the perpetual heartbeat emerges from the multiple and fractured images representing life evolving and dissolving in a continous rhythm, flux and flow.